The View is From the Top


Getting to the top of a mountain is hard work.

And it’s not just about the hiking. There’s all the pre-hike angst. Are my boots comfortable? Do I need better socks? How much water should I take? How much food? Should I take a jacket? Maybe just a vest would do. Long pants? Shorts? Or maybe those long pants that you can make shorts? Will all this fit in my day pack? Where are we going? How far? Will I make it? I’m feeling a little tired even before I start. But off I go.

In my world, there’s a big difference between hiking and walking. That’s because I hike with my guy. And for him, and therefore for me, hiking is about going up. Following a trail that winds its way up to the top of a hill, a ridge or a summit is the point. Fortunately, I get to sightsee along the way. And there are so many distractions. Wildflowers. Condors soaring above. Turkey vultures circling. Lizards and snakes (my guy likes those the best). A mountain lion in the distance. A bobcat frozen, silently waiting for us to pass. Coyotes howling. Deer hiding in the chaparral. Something new around each bend in the trail. The great thing about all these distractions is that at no time I’m at the top.

And that’s what makes the whole climb worth it. The reward is enormous. Unobstructed panoramic views as far as the eye can see. Whether we’re at 1,500 feet or 5,000 the feeling is always the same …  you’re at the top of the world.

The Central Coast is home to some of the most amazing National, State and County parks found anywhere in this State. Get outside. Climb as high as you can go. See the world from a different perspective. I’m here to tell you, the hike down is easier!

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