Central Coast - The Soul of California

The Soul of California came to life in Monterey, the birthplace of California.

The State’s first capital was built on this crescent-shaped bit of land halfway up the Pacific Coast, known as the Central Coast, and the essence of who we are as Californians emerged.

The pristine beauty found here is as it was when the first explorers sailed around the rocky jut of land that is Point Pinos and dropped anchor in the calm waters of Monterey Bay, a sheltered sanctuary. Coastal mountain ranges cut rugged boundaries of protection. Quiet forests create a shield of hidden wonders. A stream of life, the Salinas River, flows through its midst. No other place in California personifies quite such a sacred origin.

The Soul of California runs deep here on the Central Coast. Look around – see, touch, taste what fuels it. It’s the saltiness of the sea air on your lips, the kiss of the dew-laden fog against your face, the fragrance of pine-scented forests, the screech of a Peregrine falcon and the glory of seeing the sun unfold as it crests the top of the mountains in the morning and dips below the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean at the end of the day.

The Central Coast captured hearts from the time the first foot was set on the Pacific shore. The stirrings of John Steinbeck’s stories began as he wandered and roamed the expansiveness of the area, awakening an appreciation of this, his home. The Soul of California is reflected in his words, captured forever on the pages of his books, igniting emotions and rekindling spirits.

Living here is transformative, creating a state of being that remains intact from its earliest beginnings. The key to its magic is an essence that meets physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The Soul of California is a place to come to renew and inspire your senses; a place to take time to reawaken your humanity and restore your vitality.

The Central Coast stands with welcoming arms outstretched, beckoning you to come and rediscover the path to your inner self. The life-force here promises a journey that opens doors to thoughtful reflection, expanded perception and open-hearted empathy.

Serenity, a quietude of spirit, is found here on the Central Coast … the Soul of California.

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