California Welcome Center Salinas

A friendly and knowledgeable staff can not only answer most questions about the region, but can also provide information and suggestions on where to eat, what to see and where to stay.

Located in the Westridge Shopping Mall, 1213 North Davis Road, Salinas; call  831-757-8687 for information.

The compact building is wall-to-wall highlights of local attractions in the heart of the Salinas Valley plus information brochures on things to do.

Located at 502 Front Street, Soledad; call  831-204-7208 for information.

Chock-full of regional information about individual attractions, hotels and restaurants plus pamphlets and brochures on things to do throughout the area.

Located at 401 Camino El Estero, Monterey, CA; call 888-221-1010 for information.

What’s it like to live in a fishbowl? Find out.

The Giant Dipper is not a new-found constellation.

Take a step into the pages of Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck’s classic stories.

Raise a glass.

Food for Thought

Indulge your palate.

A sanctuary for migrating Monarchs.

Towering peaks dominate the sky.

Ancient Coastal Redwoods take a stand.

A place where solitude flourishes.

A place of peaceful serenity.

A place to pause and reflect.

Follow in the footsteps of our most famous author, Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck.

Vegetable crops, wine grapes and flowers all thrive in the fertile soil and mild climate of the Central Coast

Colliding tectonic plates. That’s the backstory of Pinnacles National Park.


The Soul of Steinbeck Country

An essence reflected for eternity on the pages of his books.


The Soul of California

It all began here, the birthplace of California.

Santa Cruz

The Soul of Surfing

At one with a breaking wave, a solitary figure at the top of the crest taps into the spirit of the surf.

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