Soul of the People - Aptos, CA


The Soul of the People

The vital force of a native people is embedded in the culture of this idyllic town, bridging past and present, land and sea, physical and spiritual.

The Soul of California - Big Sur, CA

Big Sur

The Soul of California

A cliff hugging, serpentine road winds its way to a wild, untamed landscape in the Big South. The remoteness of the area calls to those who thrive in the silence of this wilderness.

Redwood Soul - Boulder Creek, CA

Boulder Creek

Redwood Soul

Towering tributes to nature’s grandeur, ancient trees that appear to be reaching up, reuniting with the energy of the universe and rejuvenating to the Redwood Soul are found in this unique sliver of land.

Capitola, CA


A Stroll for you Soul

A wide strand of beach catches the breaking surf, clearing the shore for a leisurely amble. The Soul of Capitola saunters to the beat of disappearing footprints in the sand, creating new adventurous pathways.

Carmel Valley, CA

Carmel Valley

A Country Soul

In the fields that provide life-giving sustenance and in the people who choose to take a step into a way of life that resonates with tranquility is where you’ll find the Soul of Carmel Valley.

Romance for the Soul - Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA


Romance for the Soul

Quaint and charming architecture, glorious flowers, trees draped in lacy moss and the tinkling of the surf on the sandy shore create moments just right for romance here in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

My Heart & Soul Belongs in Castroville


My Heart and Soul Belongs in Castroville

Once discovered, the tasty artichoke heart pierces your being, leaving a never to be forgotten experience deep in your soul and you belong to Castroville for a lifetime.

Serenity for your Soul - Felton, CA


Serenity for your Soul

Relax, mellow out, slow down, take it easy and you’ll find that Serenity in Your Soul in this redwood shaded town. California dreamin’ happens in the sun-dappled meadows, a private untroubled moment of tranquility.

Soul of Spice - Gilroy, CA


Soul of Spice

At the heart of this sunny valley town is a welcoming aroma that tickles the nose and entices the taste buds, bringing a spiciness of life found only here.

Vintage Soul - Gonzales, CA


Vintage Soul

In the midst of deep-rooted grape-bearing vines, you’ll find miles of vineyards that summon a Vintage Soul. The flavor and character of these old-growth vines create a sense of place and connection to the land.

Recharge your Soul - Greenfield, CA


Recharge Your Soul

The rich valley soil creates a revitalizing bounty of freshness throughout the seasons and, with it, an opportunity to Recharge Your Soul. A harvest of sun-kissed goodness fortifies your spirit.

Hollister, CA


Downtown Soul

This Downtown Soul emanates from a rich cultural history. Each building has a soul that lives on in the story of its past, its place in the present and its link to the future.

Rural Soul - King City, CA

King City

Rural Soul

Rolling ranchland and bountiful fields protect the rural traditions that were put in place generations ago in this wide-open expanse of land. The Soul of King City thrives in the character of this rustic landscape.

A Windswept Soul - Marina, CA


A Windswept Soul

Wisps of fog drift along the coast, fanned inland by a coastal breeze that blankets Marina in peaceful quietude. This City’s soul glides on these currents bringing nature’s faint murmurings to embrace life’s rhythmic ebb.

The Soul of California - Monterey, CA


The Soul of California

It all started here, the birthplace and the first capital of California. Monterey’s Soul is found in the rugged coastlines, the craggy mountains, the pristine beaches, the sanctuaries that protect the resources and the bounty that comes from this fertile land.

Moss Landing, CA

Moss Landing

My Soul is of the Sea

The sea casts a spell on those who stand on the shore, watching the ceaseless breaking waves push the ocean up onto the sand. The Soul of Moss Landing is in this enchanting call of nature’s rhythmic cycle.

Pacific Grove, CA

Pacific Grove

Hometown Soul

The faint hint of the past drifts through the fog-shrouded streets, preserving the soul of this small town. It beats to the rhythm of a bygone time while living fully in the present, summoning those to come home.

17 Miles of Soul - Pebble Beach, CA

Pebble Beach

17 Miles of Soul

A meandering road along secluded beaches, through old-growth forests, overlooking sheltered coves is the link to the Soul of Pebble Beach. Fog drifts through the trees, creating a mystical quality to this dramatic merging of land and sea.

Soul of Steinbeck Country - Salinas, CA


Soul of Steinbeck Country

An author’s passion is captured forever on the pages of his books, stirring emotions and rekindling spirits, awakening an appreciation of this, his home and reflected for eternity in his written words.

Soul on a Mission - San Juan Bautista, CA

San Juan Bautista

Soul on a Mission

Preservation of the past is firmly rooted in the historic character of this quaint city. A calling to explore yesterday is the resilience embedded here, a town with a Soul on a Mission.

Creative Soul - Sand City, CA

Sand City

Creative Soul

Undulating coastal sand dunes and the rhythmic sounds of the nearby surf are the framework that inspires an artistic nature to flourish. Here, a Creative Soul is free to find its life’s passion.

The Soul of Surfing - Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz

The Soul of Surfing

At one with a breaking wave, a solitary figure at the top of the crest taps into the spirit of the surf for a brief moment, capturing the essence of that energy, forever changed by the experience.

A Playful Soul - Seaside, CA


A Playful Soul

Prevailing winds from the west tickle the spirits of those in this ocean-side community, creating a lightness of being that manifests in a joy of life. The Soul of Seaside is effervescent.

Soledad, CA


Solitude for the Soul

A pervasive quiet surrounds the tranquil town of Soledad. A mantle of peacefulness sweeps through the area from the onshore coastal breeze, blowing away the hubbub of daily life, paying homage to the soul.

Heritage for your Soul - Watsonville, CA


Heritage for Your Soul

Riches of the past are the essence of the Soul of Watsonville. The spirit that radiates from this charming town is found in the sweet heritage at the core of this close-knit community.

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