No matter where you are on the Central Coast, no matter what day it is — there is a Farmers Market happening somewhere near you.

Stop by for the freshest fruits and veggies, grown right here in the Soul of California™, or pick up some flowers and dinner to bring home for an easy meal. Locals love running into friends and family in the community. And Farmers Markets make a great date night!

Wine is all about terroir … each vintage expressing the essence of its origin, the merging of soil and climate that creates just the right fragrance, bouquet and flavor. On more than 50,000 acres of vineyards, the magic of winemaking captures the character of the region. Discover your favorite at an assortment of tasting rooms where you can sip and enjoy varietals like pinot noir, chardonnay, petit sirrah, zinfandel, chenin blanc, and so much more.

Raise a glass and share a moment.

Food for Thought

Love of food and a passion for cooking is at the heart of what makes a good chef. No where is that personified more than here on the Central Coast. The variety of culinary styles is exceptional and provides diners with a seemingly bottomless bounty of great restaurants from which to choose.

Fresh locally sourced ingredients, a sustainable seafood movement and an eclectic mix of ethnically diverse meal choices creates an unparalleled food scene.

Expand your palate.

Tantalize Your Tastebuds…


Night Life

Sit among the trees at an outdoor theater, gaze at the stars from a hilltop observatory, spend a quiet night at an off-the-beaten track B&B at a vineyard beneath the shadows of towering rock spires or feel the warmth of the night breeze as it drifts through the windows of a mountain resort.

So many experiences to enjoy at the end of the day before your head hits the pillow in rest.

And yes, there’s a vibrant active music, theater, dining and cultural scene that will … send you to your pillow for rest.

When Darkness Falls…

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