Monterey Bay Aqaurium

What’s it like to live in a fishbowl? The aquariums are turned at this world-renowned marine exhibit where mesmerizing sea creatures peer out at passersby. From the open sea to the ocean’s cold, dark depths to a journey of discovery about octopuses, squid and cuttlefishes, the Aquarium is a preeminent showcase for habitats and sea life and a window to the wonders of the ocean.

Contact information (831) 648-4800

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

The Giant Dipper is not a new-found constellation. It’s a National Historic Landmark wooden roller coaster with hair-raising dips and turns that promises to make you raise your arms and shout for joy! The historic Looff Carousel, great food, indoor arcade, miniature golf, laser tag and lots of other rides make this one of the best seaside parks in the world in a spectacular beach setting.

For more information call (831) 423-5590

National Steinbeck Center - Salinas, CA

Take a step into the pages of Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck’s classic stories, tributes to the region now known as Steinbeck Country. Here you’ll find exhibits for all ages, artifacts and memorabilia from this extraordinary literary giant. Many of his works were written against the backdrop of the Salinas Valley and capture the spirit of the people and their connection to the fertile land.

Contact information

Admission: (831) 775-4721
Administration: (831) 796-3833

Gilroy Gardens

If you’ve ever wondered what a circus tree is … and who hasn’t … come find out at this fun-for-the-whole-family horticultural masterpiece. The Circus Trees are just one of the many attractions at California’s only garden-based theme park, created by a man who just loved plants of all shapes and sizes and created a public place to showcase them.

Discover the Steinbeck Literary Trails

Follow in the footsteps of our most famous author, Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck, and along the way stand in the footprints of the characters he created in his novels and short stories.

Stop by the Soledad Visitors & Gateway Center at 502 Front Street, Soledad or the California Welcome Center at 1213 North Davis Road, Salinas for more information.

Explore the Maps…

Amble through a history of how the Salinas Valley unfolded at this museum that brings the bygone days of the 1800s in the Valley to life. See yesteryear with an increased understanding of the grit it took to settle this land.

Contact information

Office – (831)385-8020
Museum Office – (831)386-0965

Group Tours/School Tours – (831)385-0965

Parks Department/Reservations – (888)588-2267

Strawberry fields

At this pick-it-yourself, family-owned farm you’ll come away with berry-stained fingers after a day in the fresh air. Buy fruits and vegetables by the bushel, eat a piece of pie, drink some fresh apple juice or spend some time just sitting’ in the sun under an ol’ apple tree.

Telephone (831) 722-1056

Monterey Zoo

Monterey Zoo, a 51-acre ranch centrally located off the Monterey-Salinas Highway, is home to 100+ wild, exotic and domestic birds and animals. The Zoo offers tours, daily at 1pm, and educational programs that are fun, safe and rewarding to all – especially the animals. Additional tour opportunities are available by appointment. 

Contact information (831) 455-1901 

Salinas Valley Tours

South Monterey County Tours


From Monterey Bay in the north to the southern county line, Monterey Wine Country boasts nine different, unique growing regions called American Viticultural Areas (AVAs).

AVAs are one-of-a-kind winegrowing districts that showcase their own special combination of geography, soil, and climate. The Federal government has granted these Appellation of Origins the right to put their locale on the wine label—providing a “sense of place;” a reflection of that particular region’s character and quality.

Swank Farms

A-maze-ments abound at this farm with its very own meandering cornfield puzzle that takes you around in circles, down dead-end paths and twists and turns its way to the exit. A produce stand, pumpkin patch, kid’s corner and, the not to be missed, Haunted Maze that happens every October, make this an a-maze-ingly fun-filled farmed.

Contact information

Office 831-637-4704 or 877-979-2659

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