A Playful Soul - Seaside, CA

A military presence helped sustain this community in its infancy and now, the military presence is helping to enhance this community. At one time, Fort Ord was a US Army post with close to 50,000 troops stationed there in is heyday. Since its decommission, its become a playground for hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts who flock to the area for biking, hiking and horseback riding.

Back in town, there’s more fun to be had. Hot Rod enthusiasts get together monthly for a Hot Cars Cool Nights cruisin’ event. The World Theater at California State University, Monterey Bay hosts professional performing arts events, the President’s Speaker Series of lectures, concerts and student productions all great opportunities for a night out.

And then, of course, there’s Message Mountain. This giant sand dune off the Monterey Bay Recreation Trail is a popular place for messages for all to see written in ice plant celebrating birthdays, weddings and new romances. So much better than a message in a bottle!

Sunsets at the beach
Seaside beach

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