The Soul of Surfing - Santa Cruz, CA

Surf’s up year-round in this sun-filled, spirited beach town. Surfers have been riding the waves and bobbing in the swells since the 1800s when three Hawaiian princes first put giant redwood-carved surfboards in the water. That kicked off a craze that continues today, bringing big, and little, wave surfers to the beach.

California’s historic Highway 1 flows right through town, providing travelers with numerous opportunities to get off and explore. Head in to the Santa Cruz Mountains for a little wine-tasting. Hop off to visit one of the many State parks. Stop by a Farmers Market where you’ll find locally-sourced farm-fresh produce. Wiggle your toes in the sand along the shore of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, a protected area that offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the world.

The mild climate, paired with a remarkable combination of natural beauty, outdoor activities, extraordinary state parks and a happening arts and culture scene, makes Santa Cruz a soul-pleasing destination. Whether you want to ride the Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or take a train ride through the Santa Cruz Mountains or visit one of California’s historic lighthouses, this beachside city lives up to its “Only in Santa Cruz” tagline.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Natural Bridges State Beach - Santa Cruz, CA

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