Creative Soul - Sand City, CA

A window on the bay opens to a beautiful ocean view thanks to this City’s commitment to coastal stewardship. More than 75 percent of the coast is protected as either a park, preserve or open space. At onetime, shoreline industries were the norm, but now the pristine coastline is a beachcomber’s paradise. This green conscious city is a haven for artists of all mediums who live, work and play by the sea.

Every year, the city shows off its artistic side with the West End Celebration, a kaleidoscopic celebration of the arts. The streets come alive with performing, visual and interactive arts, mixed in with exhibits and an all-day music jam.

The Monterey Bay Recreation Trail runs right through town for easy access to activities that surround this small town oasis.

Whale watching in Monterey, CA
Art Supplies
Surfing in Sand City

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