17 Miles of Soul - Pebble Beach, CA

The scenic 17 miles that run through the Del Monte Forest, from Pacific Grove to Carmel, hug the Pacific coastline past vistas of restless seas, granite rock outcroppings and stands of old-growth Monterey Pine trees. It’s a gated community that negates this impediment by welcoming visitors who come to see the iconic Lone Cypress Tree, play golf at one of the legendary courses, make an appearance at the Concours d’Elegance or get a taste of the Pebble Beach Food & Wine culinary event.

At any time of the year, the beauty of this forest community is breathtaking. There aren’t any sidewalks, but there are miles of trails filled with sightseeing adventures – sea otters in Stillwater Cove, whales off the shore of Spanish Bay beach, deer in open meadows, and glimpses of other wildlife that live in the forest ecosystem.

Historically created as a pleasure excursion for visitors at a time when horse-drawn carriages were the norm, these 17 miles are much the same – the transportation has changed, but the breathtaking beauty is timeless.

Pebble Beach, CA
Asilomar Beach
Pebble Beach

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