This pastoral river valley, enfolded in the Santa Lucia Mountain range, exudes peace and tranquility. The moderate temperatures blanket the area with a warm torpor that slows the pace of life down. The Carmel River leisurely winds its way down the Valley, a calling to relax, to sit for awhile in quiet companionship.

Far from the rush that development brings, here there’s a laid-back perspective that steers clear of that, choosing to embrace a way of life that takes its time to unfold. The idyllic charm is sustained by an understanding that the passage of time doesn’t have to include a dramatic change in the present.

Agriculture, farming, ranching and wine making blend together in a symbiotic relationship with rural living. Oak and riparian woodland, chaparral covered hillsides and grasslands merge to create a bucolic outdoor environment that calls for you to stop for a moment and catch your breath.

South County Vineyard
Garland Ranch Regional Park - Carmel Valley, CA

nearby communities

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