As the oldest beach resort on the West Coast, the town’s vibrant past laid the groundwork for a very colorful present. Cools mists and a large, sandy beach brought beachgoers and vacationers to Camp Capitola, a refuge from the summer heat on the other side of the local mountains. They brought with them a fun-loving and spirited outlook that helped define the town.

A trip here finds you enveloped in bright, splashy hues, from a vivid sunset to thriving, flourishing gardens to a kaleidoscopic waterfront hotel. The City’s colorful palette is everywhere. Shopping along the downtown Esplanade is a dazzling feast for the senses. The sights, sounds and smells are a tantalizing scene.

Celebrating the easygoing, beach community lifestyle happens spontaneously. Pack a lunch, grab a pole and head to the wharf for some fishing, and catching! Or put on your flip-flops, snag an umbrella and a beach towel and enjoy some downtime on the beach.

Wine Tasting
Capitola, CA

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