Regional Branding + Regional Heritage Tourism = Regional Economic Development

The Salinas Valley Tourism and Visitors Bureau (SVTVB) was founded in 2008 during the beginning of the economic downturn, also known as the Great Recession. In 2011, the SVTVB opened its first visitors center in Salinas, and then in 2015 opened the Soledad Visitors & Gateway Center in Soledad. The impetus for creating the SVTVB and both centers is to educate and help locals and visitors discover this region’s vast natural beauty and rich history.

The Central Coast has many destinations to plan a day trip — some more well-known than others. It is the mission of the SVTVB that all local communities realize their potential within this incredible region. There is something extraordinary about this area and the people who call the Central Coast home. The Soul of California® is an attempt to weave together a fabric of all our communities that highlights life here on the Central Coast.

Our goal with this website and supporting social media is to inspire visitors to discover the uniqueness of this region and for locals to rediscover it.

Regional branding is just the first step. Please follow us as the evolution of this site grows within The Soul of California® and join us as partners in this regional collaboration.

Craig Kaufman
Founder & Executive Director
Salinas Valley Tourism & Visitors Bureau

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