This is a happening city. It’s a gateway to Pinnacles National Park and the Salinas Valley’s premier local vineyards and wine-tasting rooms. There is an historical California mission, for which the town is named, nearby and John Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men was set in-and-around town.

It also sits in the middle of the region’s best agricultural land. Surrounded by fertile fields of vegetables, so much produce is grown here it is considered the Salad Bowl of the World. It’s the only local city with a wind turbine, capturing the energy of the strong ocean breezes that blow down the Valley, harnessing this renewable resource.

One of its offbeat attractions is Los Coches Adobe, a popular historic building that once housed the Wells Fargo Station Agent office, post office and was a coach stop and inn. The television reality show, Ghost Adventures stopped by to shoot an episode, hoping to catch a glimpse of a mysterious shadowy figure, an apparition worth trying to see.

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